Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Great Experiment Revisited:

Can the Libertarian Party create a visual demonstration of how liberty will work for Americans?

Is it possible for the Libertarian Party to make straight the road to freedom? Can we demonstrate to middle America how they can achieve their own, individual dreams using a Free Market in cooperation with others?

Can we become a political movement that creates tangible examples that show freedom to be the only choice which makes peace and justice possible?

Can the Libertarian Party become the instrument for political transformation which will eliminate government as we know it today, allowing us to consider just how much government is necessary? Yes. But first the LP must transform itself.

In this article we will examine the cultural dynamics of freedom movements; the cognitive faculties used by individuals to make choices, the meaning of freedom and equality, and suggest an agenda of changes for the Libertarian Party to adopt that would create a coalition, drawing from both right and left, to carry out the Freedom Agenda.

Every large endeavor necessitates a vision statement. We already have ours. It is over two hundred years old and inscribed on hemp paper. How it came into existence is part of the story.

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